Monday, February 1, 2010

Road Block #1

Trying to find a used rug is proving difficult.  We currently enjoy beautiful terrazzo flooring in our 60’s rancher but our new home has warm original wood floors.  I want whatever we pick to “pop” and our dark brown shag isn’t popping as it is probably close to the color of the stained pine.  My pickiness and impeccable sense of style are just increasing my troubles finding something.  I'd really like these bad boys but alas, the resolution...I’ve scoured ebay and craigslist for  fun, durable, and “us” rugs to adorn our floors to no avail.   I’ve got a couple projects going on now, but Tampa  is killing it this week with the rain, so sadly no painting outside for me for the next couple of days.    
Our closing date is within the month! We move in 18 days and time is crawling by.  I can’t wait to start getting boxes out of the house and let the hours (and hours and hours) of painting begin!  Before any furniture is placed in the new house we need to paint the ENTIRE house.  Granted 1100 square feet is not as huge as I’m making it sound but not one wall is of acceptable color.  A “could have been” soothing cream was mistaken for a pukey beige at Home Depot apparently.   Also on the timeline for that week is installing wood flooring in our master bedroom which was once the back porch and now converted into a room.  In the remodel, the past owners installed grey berber which looks fine but I’d rather rip it up now when nothing is in it than rip it out later and have to move everything out.  In the case that the original porch flooring is looking swell, well, that'd be a miracle but for now, I'm planning on new stuff.  Other small projects are removing some cabinetry and putting in shelves in the kitchen.   I’ve given myself a week to do all of this which is probably crazy considering I have a full time (over time) job but I like to have ambitious goals.  When we go back to the house I’ll post the before pictures.  Here's the front with my fine lookin' husband, his parents, and our realtor out front.   

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