Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Missions...

With the countdown on (16 days!) and my unreal desire to have every single piece of furniture before move in tapping me on the shoulder at 5 am, I stopped by the thrift store on the way home from work.  We are looking for a guest bed frame and possibly a headboard along with the endless search for rugs.  While I found none of those things, I did score some sweet deals.  My mom bought me an adorable cupcake stand for Christmas and I've been obsessed with them ever since.  I bought some material to make a couple, some pottery (I can't have enough vintage pottery, please stop me), an adorable sunny basketweave purse ($.50!) and was ready to leave when the cashier totaled my purchases.  $3.50 was the grand total of my bag full of stuff and I was beyond ecstatic, until she told me I had to have a $5 total to use my card.  Cashless and bummed, I sadly looked around the shabby interior for anything to buy to fill the void.  I saw a lonely looking chair and added it to my bounty for a whopping.....wait for it.....$2.50.  Yup. 

I immediately took it home for some re-upholstering.  The only fabric I had lying around was from the kitchen curtains I made last year but it was just enough to cover the chair pad, so it was probably meant to be.  Seriously, this took less than 10 minutes and while the fabric won't be on there forever, the chair is so classic, I can change it anytime to refresh. 

My husband is probably reading this thinking "we don't need another chair" and it's true.  While I said I'm obsessed with cupcake plates, it's nothing compared to my desire for "another chair".  They can go anywhere!  Next to the door as a catch all for umbrellas and a nice place to tie your shoes, along a wall just in case you get tired on the way to your bedroom, scattered throughout your living room should the unexpected party of 5 show up, you just never know when you might need another chair.  Here's the before and after along with the totals....and the last picture is of my too cute purse.

Chair: $2.50
Fabric: had it already but for the record it costs $7.99 a yard a Ikea and I used about 1/4 yard.
Staple Gun: Just borrowed from my mom on Sunday
Total:  If you include the fabric, $4.50


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  1. What an awesome idea! I love the idea of furnishing your house with already used items. Will you please come over to my house and refinish the used children's table and chairs I recently bought that is just waiting for a fresh coat of paint? :)