Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project One

So there is this amazing vintage store near our new house from which I bought two danish side tables that needed a little love from about a year ago.  The legs were splitting some so the owner gave me a break on the price.  My husband was coming home from a trip and I wanted to fix them up to surprise him with.  In my haste to make them amazing in a couple hours, I did a crappy job with taping off the metal trim and an even worse job painting them.   I definitely slacked on the gift but my awesome husband liked them anyway :).  When we got the house I found two incredibly great side tables at West Elm that I had my sights set on and these were finding their way to craigslist, but after my enlightenment, I can now only dream of you, wonderful side table delight.....

I forgot to take a full on "before" but you can see the bad paint job in the pictures.  In the first one you can even see I didn't even end up painting the back legs because I was bummed with how horrible they were turning out.  After full on cleaning each table (we have two) I carefully taped each one using the Sunday ads to cover the tops.  I used Rust-oleum's Lacquer spray paint in white.  I've bought so many cans of this product, it's really incredible.  Super shiny and fresh looking.  So instead of two sad and worn out danish duds, we now are the proud owners of two clean and modern danish dazzlers.  So that alliteration was a little damp.... Below is the cost breakdown.

Side Tables:  free-already had
Tape: already had it
Paint: 1.5 cans of Rust-oleum White Lacquer $8 
Total: $8  


  1. Kallie, I'm sure your rolling your eyes at my photography. They are all with my phone and the photoshop app. I packed my good camera already and can't remember what box it's in:)

  2. Rachel - what a great blog! So enjoy hearing about your great finds!