Sunday, February 21, 2010

Closing, move in, and on and on...

So our closing was at 3pm on Thursday, however it was so much fun we continued it to Friday.  Murphy's Law definitely applied.  First, Matt had to sign the closing documents (you can see the obvious problem with that) and then they got the papers to Matt but didn't mark for him to sign so he only signed where his name was (banks do not observe the idea of logic), then the fax showing he signed the last papers didn't fax in time for the closing so and Matt was furious that it could have been right the first time so he had to canceled an interview in his fury.  Everyone was in an overall bad mood so we decided to wait until the documents were fedexed the next morning to pick up the keys.   Upon the documents arriving safely and properly signed by my dear husband, we were okayed to pick up the keys to our new house!  Exciting until the listing agent wasn't in on our glee and wasn't at the office that day to actually give us the keys.  So my mom and I waited in the parking lot for an hour for the realtor to get there and voila, simply homeowners!  The fight was worth it and our house is looking swell.  These are the before pictures.  Not bad but going to be much better.

I don't have the "after" shots yet as it's only been two days, but our friends and family have been miracle workers.  Moving alone without Matt here was a daunting thought but they've been incredible.  We've painted the large room that encompasses the living, dining and kitchen areas, the guest bath, the master closet, the guest room and the master bed room.  Scott and Logan ripped out the berber carpet that was in the master bedroom and I need to pick out some wood to put down.  We've spent about $200 on paint (not used:) and all we really need big to buy is the flooring (I'm working on salvaged but it's hard to find...) We also need a daybed or a full size bed if you know of anyone getting rid of or selling theirs.  I'm going over today to finish the other paint jobs but here are some working shots.

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