Friday, February 5, 2010

An unexpected road trip

Exciting journey out to Palm Harbor on Wednesday for the cause.  Thought it’d be a 20 minute trip but I misread my GPS and it ended up taking an hour.  My poor puppy had to ride along on our little odyssey and he chewed up my lunch Tupperware in the process.  He was a trooper so he deserved it.  

The REASON for our little trek was for a beautiful mirror.  I’ve been absorbed in the ability of a mirror to completely transform a space from a small and windowless cave  into a light and airy room.  In the new house we have a 9.5 by 9.5 room that is really in need of some light bouncing around.  It’s got a window to the front porch which is going to be the catalyst.  I scoured our house for any  mirror I could use and found one with some potential.  In the meantime I’d been searching for mirrors on craigslist and found one in Palm Harbor, thus the expedition.  Palm Harbor is really far. 

The first mirror is one my mom gave me when I moved into the town house I shared with Logan.  I painted it white (surprise surprise) with a new white lacquer paint that they sell at Lowes (my rust-oleum isn’t carried there…).  I'm planning to use it in our bedroom for a little mirrored wall I've thought up.  The Palm Harbor mirror isn't completed but it's going to be great.  I won't spoil it's greatness yet because it's proving hard to tape off a circular mirror.  Once it's done, you'll see it in all it's mirror-y goodness.  And for the meantime you can drool over how cute my dog is in the car.  He's a good road mate.


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  1. i noticed you're pretty into decorating. thought you would dig this.