Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walking on Sunshine. Woe-O.

For the past two weeks, Matt and I have been walking in socks everywhere, spreading a fine layer of dusty chalk in every crevice in the house.  This was because in all my "new home ownership splendor" I decided the first thing to do upon unlocking our house was to rip out the Berber carpet in our master bedroom and expose the lovely subflooring.  This was with the intention that we'd put the new flooring in immediately.  Two weeks later, it wasn't in but we aren't going to dwell on past mistakes (right Matt?).  It looks beautiful and we are kind of over the moon with our new ability to not get socks dirty seconds after we put them on.  Excuse the under bed storage, I forgot to pick up our bed skirt from the laundromat on Saturday. 

We still haven't sold the breakfast table, but after I posted about our table woes, I got responses from the sweetest people!  Lindy in St. Augustine, one of Eric's friends, who I met in Hawaii when she was about to go to Bali and I was getting back from Sri Lanka and happens to read the blog had two tables around that she wasn't using and graciously offered up.  I was ready to drive the four hours to pick up the sweet drop leaf antique she was parting with but knew we couldn't pick it up this weekend.  Then my friend Suzanne text-ed me a picture of a table she was ready to put on the side of the road for someone to pick up when she read the blog.  Suzanne happens to be moving into our old house, which happens to be about three minutes from our new house.  Her sweet husband even delivered it to our house tonight and we ate dinner on it on the porch.  We are pretty blessed.  I'm going to paint it and the chairs but here it is in all its solid wood, crayon-y, rounded with a leaf goodness.  Seriously, it couldn't be any more perfect.  I started sanding some parts today but it's a big job.  Once it's sanded, I'll put a couple coats of kilz and then the paint.   I'm thinking "vintage linen".  I've practically got the entire Behr paint chip book memorized.  It's sick.

Logan came over on Friday night to install the desk he made for our wedding present.  It was custom made for our old house but we just couldn't part with it and he had to re work the design elements for the new house.  It fit perfectly and we are excited to see the room develop.  This is really our music room, as we normally use our laptops on the couch, but we charge them here and organize our tax stuff here so this makes for a fine place to put it all.  Along with Matt's thousand guitars.  Oui vey. You can see, any flat surface is quickly a grounding place for boxes and "stuff".  The craftsmanship is incredible, the support for the entire desk is in the wire attached to the stud wall.  It's levitating.  The box underneath used to encompass our printer, which we got for free with our laptops but soon broke....we have to re-purpose it soon.  Perhaps, ground storage in the closet.

Couple of breakthroughs happened this week too.  We finally are rid of our "tool box".  As renters, we usually just called our landlord, the elder Hires, and they fixed it.  We needed a hammer,  two screw drivers, and a can of WD-40 to fix most of our houses' ailments.  That time has passed and we've graduated to the season of life where a real tool box is called for and cardboard boxes are for sissies.  Before and after.

On Saturday there was a rummage sale in Seminole Heights, which you know I got my bottom up at 7 am to go to.  I got a silk quilt for the guest room and a full length mirror for our room.  Total for both, $13.  Go me. 

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  1. Aw glad that worked out for you with the tables and all!
    p.s. awesome mirror!