Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always make time for a road trip

Matt is home!  Picked him up on Monday in Birmingham and got to go to the show too.  Incredible.  His tour mates are fantastic people and really really fun.  Full band is definitely the way.  One of the openers, Caitlin Crosby, snapped this picture in the green room before the show.  She's a sweet girl, and runs a cool website called "Love Your Flawz".  You should check it out.

After the long trek from Alabama (during which we picked up this sweet eames knockoff for 20 bucks at a roadside antique store for my bro's graduation present)....

Matt walked into our new house for the first time since we decided to put an offer down.  We've painted every paintable surface since the closing and moved all our furniture in he was probably more overwhelmed than amazed but it'll take time to widdle (sp?) away at all the stuff we've collected.  We are trying to live more simply and cut away what we don't need.  This is the organized mess he walked into. 

Upon coming to the house for the first time, I promptly had my brother and Scott rip up the carpet in the master bedroom.  Here we are two weeks later with plywood underfoot.  Probably a little too hasty but my dad is installing it this weekend so only 4 more days of dusty socks!

Scott installed our closet last week (with my help..:) and we finally got our clothes in it this morning.

Also, there were so many little things that needed to be brought up to par, like the ill flushing toliet in the master bath that Matt is working on right now.

I took a picture of a chandelier I'd bought on ebay and put it in the last post.  I'm not done re wiring and extending the chain yet but here it is ready to be completed.

So so so many things to do but we probably waste the most time deciding what to work on.  It's incredibly overwhelming to have your entire house dumped into a smaller house and working through where everything is and where it needs to go.  Even harder for Matt because I packed everything.  Home ownership is a good feeling though and we are trying to get everything ready for our house warming party in the near future.

Big congrats to Scott and Amy!!  They've worked so hard getting our house ready and they finally closed on their own today!  So exciting! Can't wait to help!

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