Monday, March 8, 2010

Moved in somewhere.

So we feel like we haven't stopped unpacking boxes and trying to get organized but it looks like we haven't even started.  Stuff is still everywhere and our floors aren't in yet.  My dad came yesterday to install the flooring in our bedroom and got the closet done and said because of the uneven floor and installing on top of the original floor, we should probably get a professional.  Ah, the blessings of a 90 year old home.  Props to him though....spent about 5 hours putting the floor in such a small room.  Looks awesome, can't wait to see it in the rest of the room, which you can see is a mess with old vinyl and dusty subfloor.  The installers are coming sometime this week and once that gets done, the unpacking will really start rolling.

So the breakfast table is being put on craigslist today, very sad, I worked so hard trying to really reverse Matt's present aversion to metal/glass tables to no avail.  I did a darn good job though.  Thanks for the memories table.....breathe Rachel, in....out.

If anyone has a wooden pedestal table lying around and wants to sell it,  you have two eager purchasers in us.  We are looking for a used, wooden (any kind) round table with a leaf.  We don't want much, but it's hard to find.  If anyone wants to drop about $5000 on a new one for your favorite new homeowners, I'm kind of geeking on this one.  Breathe Rachel...

So Matt and I missed Valentine's Day this year and spent it roughly 2000 miles apart which allowed me to celebrate twice since my students are FANTASTIC and got me lots of delicious treats and once again when he got home.  I got Matt bed sheets because we are kind of "bed sheet snobs" (he more than I) and love to delve into luxuriously soft (and sadly, expensive) high count sheets.  We have one set that we got for our wedding that we wash and dry and put right back on every time so I got him a new set, not very exciting for most people but I think he was stoked.  I just got my gift on Friday when Matt picked me up from school with this attached to the ipod. 

He'd secretly recorded our favorite Johnny Cash song (my favorite at least) for me.  So sweet and creative and I loved it.  To boot, he brought Luke with him, so it was a special moment for me with both of my boys. 

On Saturday I bought a headboard for our bedroom from craigslist.  We are painting it this slightly scary lemongrass color and I'll post some pictures when it's done.  It's got three coats on right now and I'm going to give it a little somthin' somthin' to perk it up.

We also decided to give the dresser a coat of sparkly white paint on top.  Not ideal because the wood had a nice grain but there were some spots that were damaged so we got that done over the weekend too.  Here she is all taped up but with the new pulls on.

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  1. I am so serious--when you finish, will you please come and help me be creative around my house? So many great ideas! I love that lemongrass color. Also, please tell Matt that my three-year-old has recently been requesting "Honey Let Me Sing You a Song" at bedtime as a goodnight song. Yes, apparently I listen to XM Coffeehouse far too much because it comes on there a lot and he now knows most of it by heart. He's only three, but he's a musical genius, really. Really, he's gifted in all areas of life, but music is one of his best gifts. :) I gave up facebook for lent, but sometimes I remember to look at your blog.