Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slowly but ...

It seems like it's taking forever to put our house together.  Everything ends up with a trip to Home Depot for "the one piece" we are missing.  I think we have about 15 charges on our credit card for less than $2 for those "one piece(s)".  Matt has become quite the electrician though.  My dad has been installing our fans and chandeliers (I've gone through three in the short time we've been here, I just couldn't decide!) but he lives in Lutz.  So Matt decided to give it a try and he did great!  I hope he can keep up with my indecision.  We got all new light fixures in our living/dining/kitchen room, yes, a new chandelier.  This new one came to me FOR FREE from some good friends of ours that just bought a house and the chandelier came from the contractor when they built it.  They had their own fancy smancy stuff to put up so I gladly took the 5-lighted brass one.  Before and After.

Along with my lengthy list of things I dislike (I really need to work on shortening it, A LOT of stuff bothers me...), right below Wal-Mart is florescent lighting.  It makes you look old, God forbid you have a pimple, and it makes a weird buzzing sounds constantly.  It's all around bad.  There are plenty of options to allow enough light to shine on without having to resort to florescent.  So there was this big atrocity in our kitchen when we moved in....

We looked everywhere on craigslist for something used but decided to use our gift card at Ikea for the fixture.  We tossed around recessed lighting (expensive and would take longer than I wanted to live with our current light), drop down pendants (not enough light) and finally decided to use a track system.  Kind of "dorm room chic" but we liked these better than the fancier options.  Combined with the awesome natural light that streams in all day, it's perfect.

Our guest bathroom has been incomplete for about 3 weeks because we found a gaping hole when we removed the mirror (excuse me, chipped away the mirror that had been  GLUED on....who does that?).  We seriously kept a flashlight in there for when we used it.  We had to have something to cover the missing drywall and I wanted to use the pre-existing light fixture that came with the house.  So I sprayed (of course) the fixture and Matt mounted it onto a floating shelf we had lying around.  Yup the kind of shelf that mounts to the wall to hold candles, etc.  just mounted sideways.   In the before you can see the lovely off-centeredness of the hole.  Not only did they stab the dry wall with a screwdriver but they didn't even bother to center it....Why????? Ugh.  A good rule of thumb is to remember that even if you love your house,  there will be a time when you will no longer live there and someone else will.  Don't let them think you are stupid.  Do a good job.

We also finished our bedroom headboard.  I liked it before I painted it but some of the veneer had chipped off so it was kind of un-usable.  I saw these colors at Target from  Liberty of London's new line.  There was this free downloadable desktop that I got and loved the colors.  If you want the one I have or a different sweet one (they are all great) here's the link.  Voila.  We painted the headboard two different colors and a giant rectangle on the wall that Matt enclosed with molding.  Still working on the rest of the room but the bed is set and here is our started mirrored wall.  We've still got a couple more to put up but it's getting there.

To round out our last two weeks we have our TV.  We don't have cable and while I love movies, never have time to watch them.  We have a Wii that is pretty much used just by Matt unless I feel like getting my butt in gear on the Fit but for the most part we don't use the TV that often.  So why'd we buy a 50 inch one?  I still am trying to justify it.  It was on sale?  We finally had it installed so that the box wasn't covering up our fireplace any longer.  Just in time for it to warm

Yay!  Who's up for a New Moon showing?  I can dress Matt up like Edward and Luke can be Jacob.  See?  Twins!  I feel just like Bella.  Is it possible to share your love between these two cuties?

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